MA Obsessions

MA Obsession #1 "Good Designs": Design Is Our Life and Blood

We don’t just take pride in our design capabilities, we obsess over every little detail from trend research to design concept, and from prototype to production.   We design “in-house” because we love it and because we feel that is the only way to bring originality.  By the way, we only deploy passionate designers who are obsessed over design like us. 


MA Obsession #2 "Good Shoes": Best-In-Class Value Proposition

At MA, we also obsess over providing superior value to the consumer and manufacturing the best quality shoes for the money spent.  We mandate our designers to create with superior perceived value and optimal prices in mind, and our key components and shoes are required to pass through a multi-step statistics-based quality control inspection and sampling process, ensuring we deliver what we promise. 


MA Obsession #3 "Good Deeds": Respect For The Environment + Care for Humanity

We really care greatly about people, especially our extended family of MA colleagues, who are urged to maintain work-life balance and offered healthcare benefits at no cost.  “Health before wealth” is our motto!  Additionally, we are active in our community through charity sponsorships, and we collect thousands of shoes/clothes for donation annually as an official partner and donation site of  We also incorporate eco-friendly practices, using shoe boxes made of 80% post-consumer recycled materials and printed in soy ink.  Most critically, our raw materials and components are routinely tested for unacceptable levels of harmful agents such as Pb/Cd/Ni/DEHP.